Great Locations to Place Carved Bear Decorations

Many people love the power and prowess of a carved bear decoration. It is versatile and can be used in many different locations. Furthermore, there’s an array of styles of bears to choose from that will meet your expectations. When you are choosing a bear carving, where is a good place to put it when it is bought?

Store Front

If you own an outdoors shop, a carved bear at the storefront is a great way to attract many eyes your way. People will look at the bear, especially if you choose something that stands out from the others.


Where better to put a carved bear than in the park? You can use the bear as a warning to alert of the danger of bears, as an entrance to the bears exhibit, and for many other purposes.


bear carving

Preschool and school are two more locations where this decoration can be placed and will look good. Kids will enjoy looking at the bear and it can be used in many different ways for educational purposes.

By The Fireplace

The cozy fireplace brings warmth and homeliness together. When a decorated carved bear stands beside the fireplace, it brings in even more outdoor charm into the home. It makes a comfortable scenery even more satisfying.

In The Man Cave

A man cave needs a manly vibe. A carved bear statue is one of the manliest of the decorative pieces you can put in the room.

Carved bears in all shapes, sizes, and designs are available for purchase in all price ranges and to place in many locations. Those listed above are just a few. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that you shouldn’t wait any longer to find a great bear decoration to put at your location. You will be glad that you did.